Poor Genetic Material – Spring Tidings (15th Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl+CD)



  1. Three Steps Back … (2:22)
  2. Blow-up (4:04)
  3. April (6:56)
  4. Watercolours (9:30)
  5. Tidings (6:25)
  6. La Ville Quin Existait Pas (10:29)
  7. Lotus Eaters (6:57)
  8. … Or Just Ahead (3:50)

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Spring Tidings is generally considered one of Poor Genetic Material’s best albums and is certainly a favourite of the band. Its sound, however, does not quite live up to the standards of today. So the idea of remixing the album had been nagging for quite a while. When it was finally decided to give it a try, it turned out to be much more difficult than expected: drum tracks had to be transferred from technology no longer available, keyboard tracks couldn‘t be rescued at all and had to be re-recorded.The restrictions of the LP-format to the length of an album set up a further challenge: Spring Tidings is too long for a single album, too short for a double. This offered the chance to think about how the album would have been released in the glorious days of the vinyl-LP. The result is a shortened and differently sequenced album. If you like, a re-imagination of Spring Tidings as for the age of vinyl.Yet, vinyl-lovers who prefer the original playlist, get that as well: each LP of this s t r i c t l y l i m i t e d e d i t i o n w i l l b e complemented by the remixed CD-version.

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